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A student eating a healthy snack.

Tohono O’odham High School Eagles enjoy nutritious meals each day as their minds and bodies reach new academic and physical heights. Students energize their mornings by visiting our clean and orderly cafeteria for a balanced breakfast made up of delicious breads, fruits, juices, yogurts and more. Students return hours later with their classmates for diverse lunches with a variety of meats, vegetables, pasta, salads and treats.  

Classes and students are expected to obey all school rules whenever visiting the cafeteria:  

  • No running
  • No cutting in line
  • No littering
  • No fighting  
  • No throwing food  

TOHS maintains a safe and comfortable environment for eating, drinking and quiet socializing. All students are responsible for the cleanliness of the areas where they are seated. Our dedicated cafeteria staff prepares wholesome and well-balanced meals that keep Eagles focused throughout the school day. Please review our website for all updates to the breakfast and lunch menu schedules.

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