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gymnasium with volleyball net, basketball net and score board

Discover Athletics at Tohono O’odham High School  

At Tohono O’odham High School, we champion an energetic and dynamic athletic program that thrives on teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. Our athletics program allows students to excel in their chosen sports, develop vital life skills, and foster an unwavering sense of school spirit.

Explore Our Sports

We offer a broad range of sports including:

Girls Basketball
Coach Errollyn Johnson

Boys Basketball
Coach Tyler McGill

Coach Errollyn Johnson

Coach Monica Perez

Cross Country
Coach Lorissa Tohe

Our accomplished coaching staff is committed to nurturing and helping athletes realize their full potential. They focus on honing skills, building strong team dynamics, and instilling the values of sportsmanship.

Join a Team

If you're enthusiastic about joining a sports team at Tohono O’odham High School, we encourage you to reach out to the respective coaches for information about tryouts, practice schedules and more. Please review the eligibility requirements to meet the necessary criteria for participation.

Athletics is a fundamental component of a well-rounded education. It fosters discipline, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and forges lifelong friendships. Join us in the thrilling realm of high school sports at Tohono O’odham High School!


Tohono O’odham High School is part of the Canyon Athletic Association (CAA). View our sports schedules here:  School – CAA PREPS ( 

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