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Tohono O’odham High School: Shaping Future Leaders for Success

Welcome to Tohono O'odham High School, a vibrant community catering to 9th-12th grade students. At TOHS, we focus on preparing young minds for academic achievement and successful living. We foster a positive and encouraging environment, promoting effective learning while celebrating cultural identities. Be part of a stimulating educational journey, embracing growth, knowledge and self-discovery as we prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

Strategic Transformation of Education Plan (STEP)

For the 2023-2024 school year, Tohono O'odham High School is implementing the Strategic Transformation of Education Plan initiative – a digital learning portal with a blended learning approach. Our students can maximize this opportunity by accessing the digital learning portal with a 1:1 student-laptop usage ratio. This approach gives our students the advantage of integrated applications, and a robust learning strategy.

Tohono O'odham High School's team of dedicated educators are committed to the growth and development of your children - tomorrow’s leaders.


Tohono O’odham High School will prepare students for successful living by providing a positive school atmosphere where students learn how to learn while supporting personal cultural identity.


By embracing technology, we will support students in meeting or exceeding all academic state standards. We strive to make faculty and staff to be proficient in using technology for curriculum design, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration to improve and enhance the student experience at TOHS.


Education should give a person the self-confidence and ability to participate successfully in any chosen lifestyle. Each student’s unique skills should be recognized and developed so that they may contribute to the well-being of their families, communities and nation.


Tohono O’odham High School emphasizes:

  • Assisting individuals in developing their own potential.
  • Learning basic life skills and subject matter.
  • Using reading skills for information, ideas, opinions and leisure.
  • Expressing ideas in speech and writing with clarity, creativity and correctness.
  • Setting high standards in problem-solving and communication.
  • Using technology as a tool to improve learning skills.
  • Improving individual self-worth.
  • Working well with others while maintaining one’s ideas, views and standards.
  • Developing character qualities, social courtesies and skills needed in society.
  • Attending school regularly and graduating.
  • Assuming personal responsibility as a citizen.

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