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multiple students doing schoolwork in the school library

We encourage students to use our library as much as possible. This space offers students an area in addition to the classroom to complete their schoolwork and access the internet. It also serves as a vast resource for research and fun, with an abundance of books available on almost any interest.

The TOHS library received a complete makeover during the summer of 2023 with new furniture, desks and reorganization. It is a comfortable place for research or diving into the next great sci-fi series.

The recent technology updates at Tohono O’odham include a new digital library format. Most books are available digitally and in hard copy for ease and access.

Most books are available to check out for two weeks at a time. Students can check out magazines, pamphlets and reference books for one class period. Reserve books are available as decided by teachers and the librarian.

Students may also use their student ID to check out laptops from the library. Only teachers may check out audio-visual machines and materials.

Students must abide by the following rules while in the library:

  • Use your inside voice. The library is a place for quiet reading and studying. If you can be heard more than three feet away, you’re being too loud.
  • No eating or drinking in the library.
  • You must have a pass from your teacher to visit the library during class time. 
various large piles of library books on a table

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